November Blog

November Blog

November on Ellen's plot is wet and windy, but there's not rest for gardeners! What is she up to with her winter flowers and vegetables this month?

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Having skipped the whole of October being overseas, I was beyond excited to get back down the allotment and make sure everything had survived. To my relief and surprise, it was just as I had left it, with the odd extra weed and an abundance of crazy salad leaves in the Vegepod! The Pumpkins were ready to be harvested, all the foliage had completely died back and I was super pleased to see the Dahlias still in glorious bloom.

One thing I did know was that my tender plants would all be safe in the Rhino Greenhouse and they were happy as expected. I gave the staging a clean before I left, so now its ready for some trays of seeds including broad beans and sweet peas. Cant wait!

The first day I arrived home, it was just a quick check over the plot, and I decided the following day I would go back for a few hours and have a clean-up, plus cut the remaining Dahlias for the vase before the first frosts. Unfortunately, jet lag meant I didn't check the weather (and all us gardeners know thats essential daily task)! So, when I did get back down the plotthe frosts had finished off just about everything in the cut flower patch, including those gorgeous Dahlias! Thankfully the Chrysanthemums have taken over the colour provision and I can highly recommend Allouise Orange and Anastasia Green.

The winter vegetables are looking magnificent. The big green curly leaves on the Kale and huge big, barely munched Savoy Cabbages enjoying the cold weather. Unfortunately, the Christmas Potatoes didn't make it but I can live with that.

After a weed early in the month and a layer of mulch on the no dig beds, I will plant out my onions, shallots and garlics to overwinter, plus a few trays of microgreens in the greenhouse and I am finally going to decorate inside my shed. At the back of the plot there is room for some big compost bins, so the drill will be out and Ill get my DIY on.

Whilst the weather gets colder and layers are needed, work outside never really stops and I really like this time of year. The chill on my face, winter woollies and then warming my feet by the fire. Autumn is a great time of year and I will be fully embracing it.

To read more about Ellen Mary, you can find her on social media and on her website -

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