Books for June

Books for June

Some bookish delights from Ellen to get you through the rainy lockdown days.

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When us gardeners are not outside in the garden, the need to continue immersing ourselves in the world of plants still persists and a good book can fill the gap, until the next garden visit! During lockdown, gardening has been a gift and at times when it has rained or there isn't access to a garden there are lots of books to turn to. I love books! I am a complete book worm. I cant resist buying more than one at a time in the bookshop and devour them in no time at all. So here are a few books I have recently enjoyed about nature and plants.


Walks in the Wild
by Peter Wohlleben


Do you ever walk through woodland and wonder what is going on up in the tree canopy, what life there is around those tree roots? Do you even wonder how the trees made it there, how you can connect with the natural world and understand woodland even more? This book takes you through a woodland journey from spotting wildlife to survival skills - I mean you never know hey!? Peter discusses foraging in woodland and wolves part in the picture. Its a great read, taking you forest bathing from your armchair.


The Garden Jungle
by Dave Goulson


The Garden Jungle by Dave Goulson

A great author for this book about gardening to save the planet. It reads almost like a story while being factual and helpful, thought provoking and positive. This isnt boring science (if you think science is boring that is), it is a delightful journey to understanding how we are intertwined with everything that happens outside in the garden and beyond. Its a feel good book that will get you outside again in no time!


Urban Botanics
by Maaike Koster and Emma Sibley

Urban Botanics by Maaike Koster


This book simply delights me. I cant stop touching the exquisite houseplant illustrations. If you dont know your Strelitzia from your Senecio, you can enjoy the description of each along with the perfect illustrations of each plant. Of course, if you are a house plant addict already like me, you will most likely flick the pages every day and pick a new plant to admire every day and wish you could illustrate like Maaike Koster.


Wicked Plants
by Amy Stewart

Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart


For some crazy interesting botanical facts about plants that kill and cure, Wicked Plants is both fun and enlightening to read. You can read it front to back of course but I like to dip in every now and again to see what poisonous plant is next in the book. We love our Sweet Peas dont we, but you do not want to be eating them or the trumpet flowers of Brugmansia. Written in a real fun tone, with historical facts and a twist of sarcasm, its a great book to remind you of the power of plants.



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