Books for February

Books for February

Bookish inspiration for Rhino Folk - an overview of the literary delights that have captured us recently. Gardening, mindfulness, travel, fiction, biography.

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Bookish inspiration for Rhino Folk - an overview of the literary delights that have captured us recently. Gardening, mindfulness, travel, fiction, biography.


The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2020

By Lia Leendertz

Insta: lia_leendertz

The Almanac: A seasonal guide to 2020. Pile of Books


Delightful illustrations and a cover design that you could cuddle up with and read to your children before bed. And the content is so varied and wholesome as to be in fact not unsuitable for children as well as adults. Prose and poetry, which gently warms you even through the still cold and gloomy days of February.

Covering all kinds of seasonal lessons in nature, wildlife, lunar cycles and of course, gardening. Month by month, you’ll find offerings on sowing schedules, things to keep an eye on in the garden and ways to make use of your crops in your home and kitchen.

With this gem, you’ll never be stuck for ideas in the garden or if you’d just like a cosy pick-me-up, you can turn to any page in this book and indulge a little.



New York to California

By Jeremy Page

Insta: @thebookhive

New York to California by Jeremy Page, published by propolis book hive norwich


An autobiographical collection of postcard-style chapters, journaling the author’s journey across East Anglia. Jeremy Page chronicles his journey across the county, from New York in the Lincolnshire fens to California on the East Norfolk Coast.

His Norfolk ancestry seems to call on Page to take this nostalgic journey, finding familial memories strewn across the various towns and villages he arrives at. The accompanying black and white images, coming as they do from his family’s back catalogue, are far from perfect, blurred and rough around the edges. But this singular quality adds something mystical to the book, as an imperfect lens into history.



Ash Before Oak

By Jeremy Cooper

Insta: @fitzcarraldoeditions

Ash Before Oak by Jeremy Cooper from Fitzcarraldo Editions

I am always attracted to the clean-cut covers of Fitzcarraldo Editions. White text on blue for fiction, blue text on white for non-fiction. The quality of the paper is light and pliable, but substantial enough as to not feel fragile. The cover, matte and sturdy, with it’s simple and stylish French flaps and embossed logo is so elegant and unpretentious.

But anyway, I should probably discuss what’s on the actual pages. A series of diary entries from a nameless character, as he observes the natural world. The seasons move through him, becoming the swirls and eddies of his own troubled thoughts. When he looks upon the agitated movement of a butterfly among the flowers, he sees his own spirit reflected back at him. His connection with the outside world is the mirror he holds up to himself, as he navigates the overgrown bramble paths of his mind. The trees, the birds, the flowers and insects; these represent both a way to communicate his struggle, but also form the basis of his own logotherapy, in his journey towards hope and meaning.



The SHHHH Guide to Norwich

Insta: @shhhhguide


Our factory and offices are based in Norfolk, making Norwich our closest city – and we feel darned lucky. It’s my favourite place in the world, but don’t just take my word for it! The SHHHH Guide is unique to Norwich, set up by passionate people to help promote other amazing companies and unique individuals that call Norwich home. Inside you’ll find a HUGE variety of independent businesses that really showcase the creativity, sense of endeavour and appetite for adventure that our beautiful city is brimming with.

Like any city guide, you’ll find cafes, restaurants and days out – all of them full of Norwich soul. But beyond that, you’ll find pages dedicated to artists and local entrepreneurs.

And if you’re looking for green spaces, you’ll also find our beloved Grapes Hill Community Garden featured, alongside other beautiful outdoor spaces and gardens to be found around the city. And for another kind of green, there are pages dedicated to the city’s eco-friendly efforts – directing you to places where you can refill and recycle.

Visit Norwich.



The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

By Charlie Mackesy

Insta: @charliemackesy

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy


When I absentmindedly picked up this book in the shop, I could not have expected to the flood of warmth that immediately spilled from the pages. I bought 2 copies immediately – and might well buy more, as I feel this book must be shared.

It is, quite simply, a collection of illustrations and proverbs for living. There have, I know, been millions of such volumes before now. I have flicked through plenty of them. But never has one so captured my heart in the way this book has.

Charlie Mackesy’s characters, being variously naive, wise, humorous and sceptical, are all without pretence. They are what they are and do not try to be otherwise; offering each other words of comfort and advice in simple, uncomplicated terms. It is as though each of them looks upon the world as it truly is – or could be – never pandering to negativity or accepted norms that often drag us down into the quagmire of the impossible.

A spoonful of honest hope, give this book to yourself and to someone you love.



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