August Blog

August Blog

Ellen Mary is busy harvesting at her allotment this month.

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August is one of the best months to enjoy the allotment and garden. There are still weeds and plenty of watering to do, but it’s a month of enjoying all of the hard work up to this point.

I tend to take things much easier this month on the allotment and simply enjoy the harvests. Of course, they can come thick and fast which means my kitchen becomes a hive of activity with drying, freezing, cooking, baking. My friends get their own bags of fresh vegetables and everyone is happy!

One of the most enjoyable times on my allotment is just taking a seat and observing what is growing well, what I could have done better and making decisions about what I will do on my plot next year. I will be watching the bees enjoying the borage and forking up my potatoes to much delight before googling new recipe ideas. I will soak up the sun and enjoy the warm weather rather than working too hard on the plot.

In the Rhino Greenhouse, my cucumbers have succumbed to powdery mildew and I did have a good harvest but they’ve now been removed, making way for the ever growing tomato plants. I have a few varieties including a nice big beef variety which I am growing simply to make fried green tomatoes, plus the indigo cherry drops are superb. It has been an incredibly good year for aubergines and I am still harvesting plenty now and the chillies are getting enormous. My water reservoir and capillary matting is proving completely worthwhile for when I am not able to get to the greenhouse and water. The roots are just taking the water as and when needed, which is a huge relief for me.

So August is a month of relaxing and harvesting with all of the satisfaction of the hard work coming to fruition. I’ll still be sowing salads mainly and planting out plenty of winter vegetables as well.

Ellen Mary picking runner beans on her allotment, with Rhino Greenhouse

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