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Our most popular large greenhouses

A gardener's pride and joy

"A greenhouse can never be too big," that's what our gardeners say. With more growing space, the only limitations are you imagination and ambition. Expand your gardening potential more than ever.

Up to 12ft in width and 20ft in length, our range of greenhouses are all the lowest price you'll find on the market with a minimum 10-year guarantee. For the keen hobbying gardener or the expert horticulturalist, we've got the greenhouse that's just right for your needs.

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Elite Supreme 10x12 Greenhouse


Elite Supreme 10x16 Greenhouse


Elite Classique 12x16 Greenhouse


Elite Supreme 10x20 Greenhouse


Did you know?

ALL Rhino Greenhouses have a 25 YEAR GUARANTEE!

Elite Classique 12x18 Greenhouse


Elite Classique 12x20 Greenhouse


Halls Cotswold Bourton 10x12 Greenhouse


Halls Cotswold Bourton 10x16 Greenhouse


Halls Cotswold Bourton 10X20 Greenhouse


Rhino Premium 10x12 Greenhouse


Rhino Premium 10x16 Greenhouse


Rhino Premium 10x20 Greenhouse


Rhino Premium 12x16 Greenhouse


Rhino Premium 12x20 Greenhouse