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Garden Storage

A selection of storage solutions, for a practical and stylish greenhouse interior. These beautiful pieces are constructed from strong, sustainable materials, and will suit both modern and traditional tastes.

Free-standing work units, wall-mounted shelving and snug yet robust containers that will fit into the smallest greenhouse or shed. Our rustic and contemporary furniture will work perfectly in any of your garden buildings - or, indeed, your home.

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Aldsworth Pot Ladder


Aldsworth Architect's Storage Unit


Aldsworth Vegetable Store


Aldsworth Shelf Ladder Narrow


Did you know?

You can save up to £799 on our Rhino Premium Package Offers

Aldsworth Outdoor Storage Box Small


Aldsworth Shelf Ladder Wide


Aldsworth Butchers Block


Aldsworth Potting Table


Aldsworth 8 Drawer Storage Unit


Aldsworth Bootroom Unit


Aldsworth Tall Outdoor Storage Box


Aldsworth Architect's Storage Unit