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Rhino Metal Raised Beds

Elegant and functional, raised beds create accessible spaces for growing all your favourite plants.

Available in a range of different sizes and colours, they can be used to grow fruit and veg, clustered to create a colourful corner in your garden or positioned on your decking to create a design feature.

Reasons to buy
Our metal raised beds are feature rich, modular and low maintainance

Our raised beds are modular, so they can be stacked to create double or triple tier beds.

Not only does this allow you create height in your garden, but it means there's less bending and stretching while gardening, making them accessible to gardeners with limited mobility.

Whatever the size of your garden, our range of raised beds will fit neatly into even limited spaces.

Available in 2ft, 4ft and 6ft lengths and 2ft & 4ft widths, there are plenty of options to choose from.


Constructed from galvanised steel, with extruded aluminium corners, our raised beds are designed to be both strong and elegant, withstanding bad weather for years to come.

Match your raised beds to your greenhouse with a colour, powdercoated finish. Available in Tuscan Olive, Silver Sage, Antique Ivory, Clay Grey, Midnight Slate and Blue Grass, you can have a completely coordinated garden. 

In fact, these raised beds don't need any maintenance at all.

Made from strong, rust-resistant galvanised steel, with a powdercoated finish, all you need to do is assemble them when they arrive. 

With the high-quality you'd expect from British manufacturing, you can enjoy these beds for years to come.

Available in 6 Sizes

Our modular metal raised beds come in 6 different sizes, so they can fit all kinds of gardens and needs

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Rhino Metal Raised Bed 2ft x 2ft


Rhino Metal Raised Bed 2ft x4ft


Rhino Metal Raised Bed 2ft x 6ft


Rhino Metal Raised Bed 4ft x 4ft


Did you know?

You can save up to £799 on our Rhino Package Offers

Rhino Metal Raised Bed 4ft x 6ft


Rhino Metal Raised Bed 6ft x 6ft

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