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Rhino Blinds

Greenhouses will overheat quickly on a sunny day. Not only do they need lots of ventilation but shading is also essential in order to protect precious plants from burning.

Even as early as March, young plants will need shading on sunny days, particularly as this is the time of year when you’ll have tender seedlings in the greenhouse.

The Rhino Blind is a high quality exterior roller blind made from rust-proof aluminium, with fabric designed especially for horticultural use.

This system not only stops the heat build up and shades tender plants but also:

•        is very simple to operate
•        is free of cords or pulleys
      •        is as robust as you’d expect from a Rhino product
        •        adds to the appearance of your Rhino.

Rhino Blinds are very easy to fit - they require no drilling as they simply slide on the ridge section. 

And Rhino Blinds couldn’t be simpler to operate. Just pull the central handle down with the pole and clip it to the greenhouse eave, no cords or pulleys are involved at all – and on a cool day the roof blinds sit neatly out of the way of the ridge to allow the greenhouse to warm up.

The blinds do not get in the way of the roof or louvre vents as they simply expand or retract as the window opens and closes. Rhino Blinds are also good in windy conditions – the weight of the fabric, bottom bar and clip combine to hold the blind firmly in place.

Everything about your Rhino is designed for the Great British weather, all year round!

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Roof Blind Reach Pole


Rhino 2ft Roof Blind - for 6ft, 7ft, 8ft wide Rhinos


Rhino roof blind 2ft wide - for 9ft, 10ft, 12ft wide Rhinos


Rhino 4ft Side Blind


Did you know?

ALL Rhino Greenhouses have a 25 YEAR GUARANTEE!

Rhino 6ft Side Blind