Rhino Ultimate integral Staging

Design your Rhino Ultimate Integral Staging in three easy steps

Design your Rhino Ultimate Integral Staging here

1. Choose the depth

  • 1ft (30cm)
  • 2ft (60cm)

The 2ft (60cm) deep staging is the workhorse, use it for potting up (also see our Potting Pal) taking cuttings and storing your plants.

The 1ft (30cm) deep staging will fit above the main staging and provide a further 50% of growing space for your plants. Full size seed trays will fit perfectly along the length of the 300 deep integral staging.

A common problem in most greenhouses is lack of space, especially in Spring. These two stagings will really maximise your growing space.

Illustration of the two depths of staging
Please note that this staging will only fit Rhino greenhouses. If you have a different make of aluminium greenhouse then you'll need our Rhino Tuff Integral Staging.

2. Choose the length

All sizes are approximate

3. Frame colour

  • Plain aluminium
    Plain aluminium
  • Green finish
    Green finish
  • Ivory
  • Combination green brackets, aluminium slats
    Combination green brackets, aluminium slats
Example of combination staging finish

A popular option is to have a two tone staging, a combination of green brackets and aluminium slats (see photo above).

The logic being that whilst the brackets are visible from outside the greenhouse, the slatted work surface will be covered with plants and the different colour less visible. The advantage is one of cost saving. Your call!

This staging costs £60.00

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Please Note

1. Further stagings can be configured and added.

2. To remove or change a staging in "Your selection" please follow these steps:

a. Click "Add to basket"

b. go to the top of the page and choose "View basket"

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