Rhino Tuff
free standing staging

1200 litre Challenge!

Cheap stagings look good value until you start using them. We bought one from our local DIY Superstore and put it to the test against a Rhino Tuff Staging.

Initial reactions were that it was quite light and flimsy, indeed it started to bend when a 75L bag of compost was placed on it. With just 200 Litres of peat on it the whole staging collapsed.

As you can see, Rhino Tuff Staging withstood 6 times that weight!

Superstore staging

Rhino Tuff free standing staging

Combination staging examples

Combination staging is the most popular option. Combining stainless steel trays on the top tier with wooden slats on the second tier.

They come in either single or double tier in mill finish or green powdercoat finish

Design your perfect Rhino staging in four easy steps

Design your perfect Rhino staging here

1. Choose the size

Depth: Depth

18" is ideal for small greenhouses and essential for models such as the 5ft wide, where the bays either side of the door are only 18" wide.

24" is the most popular size, suiting almost any greenhouse. The popular Reservoir and Potting Pal are designed for this depth.

30" is designed for 8ft wide and larger greenhouses, offering 25% more workspace than the 24".

Width: Width

2, 4, 6 or 8ft long, it's entirely up to you!

All sizes are approximate and will be slightly smaller than stated to ensure that the staging fits inside most greenhouses.

2. Single or double tier

Single tier
Double tier

Your choice entirely. The second tier can be fitted at one of two different heights, so you can either leave room to store items underneath the second tier or move it lower and maximise the space on the shelf itself.

3. Frame colour

Plain aluminium

Plain aluminium

(untreated or anodised aluminium)
Green finish

Green finish

(polyester powdercoated aluminium)

If you have a green-framed greenhouse then you may want to have the staging frame powdercoated green too. Note that the wooden slats and stainless steel trays are not painted green (but you'll be covering these with plants anyway).

4. Choose your tier material

Tier materials

Wooden slats are double vacuum treated with preservative and will not rot. The slats allow free drainage for trays and pots as well as making ideal second tiers for storage.

Stainless steel trays are very strong indeed (like other manufacturers, we used to supply aluminium trays but these are so much better). The edges are folded back on themselves for safety. They can fit as either a flat surface, or better still upturned and filled with pea shingle. Not only is this an ideal drainage medium for pots but it creates a moist microclimate around your plants - they'll love it!

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