Although Rhino greenhouses are available in a
huge range of sizes from 6x6 right up to 12x20
sometimes a standard model will not fit the
customer’s requirements. Our factory in Norfolk
holds a huge stock of aluminium greenhouse
extrusions, which in many cases can be
configured to provide cost effective solutions.

These photos illustrate just some of the bespoke
large greenhouses we have supplied. A common
request is for greenhouses longer that 20ft. We
erected the 8x60 Rhino for a leading stud in
Newmarket (below and the 46ft long greenhouse
in a French vineyard (left).
The photo at the top of the
page is of a 30ft wide x 30ft
long Rhino, which is not used
as a greenhouse but for
butterflies. Our client had
very specific requirements
such as no vents, doors on
the side of the greenhouse,
a central corridor with
individual “rooms” off to
each side.
The 12 x 30ft Rhino greenhouse (shown left) was
raised on a 90cm dwarf wall to provide sufficient
headroom for the olive trees that our client imports.

If you require a non standard greenhouse then please
contact our sales with your specification and we
would be very pleased to see if we can provide a
suitable, cost effective solution.