The Universal starts where the Popular leaves off with a larger 6x12 model leading on to two 8' wide versions. To suit the larger frame sizes, the build quality is enhanced by the addition of a box section ridge bar and cast joints at both the ridge and eaves. Built in integral gutters can be fitted with optional downpipes.
We strongly recommend an upgrade to safety glazing and general appearance can be enhanced by adding the optional Forest Green paint finish.

The optional, 5" high galvanised steel base is a fantastic time and money saver. Designed to sit on any firm, level surface, it instantly provides a sturdy foundation plinth to which the greenhouse is bolted. It does away with the considerable time, effort and cost of laying a traditional brick base and will not twist or warp as wood might. The galvanised finish neatly matches a plain aluminium greenhouse but, if required, it can also be coloured to match a Forest Green greenhouse.