Features & options

Improved autovents

These are a more expensive version of the very reliable autovents we have always supplied with a Rhino. They have a double spring, designed to hold the roof vent shut in higher winds. Better still it is now possible to disengage the autovent when high wind is expected as the Rhino is now supplied with a bracket that will lock the roof vent securely closed.
Improved autovents

Larger gutters

The introduction of the wider Rhinos (10 and 12ft wide) called for a much more robust eave section that would also handle a larger capacity of water. This section is nearly twice the weight of the original gutter and many times stronger, incorporating a box section within it for greater rigidity. Even though the 6 and 8ft wide Rhinos were already very strong greenhouses, the decision was made to further improve them by also fitting the new gutter/eave section to these ranges too.
Larger gutters

Stainless steel anchor system

The strength of the Rhino has been further enhanced with the introduction of a very sturdy stainless steel anchor bracket. This bolts to the strong aluminium base and the glazing bar providing excellent rigidity. The bracket is supplied with expansion bolts allowing the greenhouse to be secured to a concrete pad. "J" bolts are also supplied in case you are siting the greenhouse on soil, enabling you to concrete these into place. We appear to be suffering ever increasing storms and these anchors will greatly help to secure the greenhouse.
Stainless steel anchor system

Better downpipes

The larger gutter allowed us to significantly improve the downpipes too. These 30mm rigid pipes come with sufficient fittings to direct the rainwater into waterbutts as shown here. The 10 and 12 ft wide models and the Rhino PLUS are supplied with extra fittings and pipe to allow a "two into one" arrangement across the rear of the greenhouse. This is an optional extra on the 6 and 8ft wide Rhinos.
Better downpipes


It stands to reason that a glass structure like a greenhouse is going to need a solid foundation so that the frame doesn’t buckle and the glass break. For exactly this reason all Rhinos include a very solid 4” (100mm) base plinth as an integral part of the frame. This offers maximum versatility for any ground conditions.

Will a Rhino sit directly onto soil?

Yes absolutely! The strong integral base plinth is designed for exactly this situation. Some people may tell you that you will need to sit the greenhouse on a hardstanding but this is not the case with a Rhino, indeed many thousands of Rhinos have been installed in this way. Two notes of caution, make sure the soil is tamped down firmly and will therefore not subside and if you are erecting on grass, we would recommend that you first lift the turf from the area of the greenhouse plus 9” all round. We supply all Rhinos* with exceptionally strong Stainless Steel Ground Anchors. Where you are siting the Rhino is on a soil site you would dig a hole under each anchor and fix the long “J” shaped steel bolt before filling the hole with concrete (see picture right).

One aspect of erecting a greenhouse on a hardstanding that is sometimes overlooked is that you will be sloshing a lot of water around and it would be an advantage if this were able to drain away.

Some people prefer this arrangment, a concrete or paving surround and central path combined with shingle areas for drainage.

This method of erecting a Rhino will save many hundreds of pounds compared to the cost of having a builder to lay a concrete or paving stone hardstanding.

I would rather lay a concrete base.

No problem! A Rhino will sit very happily, on a concrete hardstanding or a paved area. In this case the Stainless Steel Ground Anchors are fixed with expansion bolts, which are supplied with every Rhino*.

*Please note that the Rhino Harvest is supplied with strong aluminium T Bar ground anchors not the stainless steel ones described here.

Rhino stainless steel ground anchors

Rhino stainless steel ground anchors

Rhino erected on a concrete pad

Rhino erected on a concrete pad

Rhino erected on paving slabs

Rhino erected on paving slabs


Roof Vents

Adequate ventilation is absolutely essential to growing under glass. Rhino greenhouses include more ventilation as standard than any other greenhouse. Many 8x12 greenhouses only offer 8sq ft of ventilation. The enormous Rhino triple vents are the size of a door - you get all this as standard even on a 6x10 Rhino -that's 32 sq ft! Even more in 8x14 and larger Rhinos!

Louvre Vents

You don't just need plenty of ventilation you need good circulation of air too. Humid stagnant air causes disease.

Every Rhino comes with 2 large louvres (40% bigger than normal) as standard. These allow the cooler air to enter the greenhouse low down and force the hot dry air out if the roof vents.

Automatic Ventilation

Every Rhino roof vent is opened automatically by solar powered autovents! Quite simply the autovents will control the temperature far better than you ever could. Autovents are supplied as standard.

Rhino Ventilation Rhino Ventilation
Rhino Ventilation
Stan (left) is holding two triple roof vents, the double roof vent is shown below.
Rhino Ventilation

Clever glazing system

A single large pane of 4mm toughened safety glass is used in each side and roof bay, improving appearance (no overlaps to attract the dirt and algae) and making glazing a lot easier too. Wire clips are replaced by glazing beads running the full length of the glass. The beads not only look far more elegant they include a soft rubber squeegee edge to retain and seal the glass far more effectively.

Cross section of Rhino glazing system.

The unique Rhino Glazing Bead, shown red here for illustrative purposes, firmly grips the edge of the glass, locking it tightly in place.

Rhino glazing system
Rhino 4mm large pane glazing
Rhino glazing system does not allow sides & roof of greenhouse to be blown out of square.
Competitor's large pane glazing
Other makes, large pane glazing does not prevent frame distortion.
Competitor's small pane glazing
Other makes, small pane glazing allows the frame to be distorted most.
Rhino glazing system

Extra bracing

We use a lot of very heavy 3mm thick "T" section in both our greenhouses and staging. Being heavy it is costly but it is enormously strong and adds significantly to the overall strength of the Rhino greenhouse.

Every Rhino includes 3 heavy duty "T section (3mm thick!) braces on every roof bay - 2 at the eaves and a longer one at the ridge, That's a total of 12 in a 6x10!

In addition to this we use the same "T" section in
our Hanging Basket Rails - two sections that
run the whole length of each greenhouse.
Not only are they there to increase
the strength of the whole roof,
preventing any tendency
for the bays to spread, but they are so strong that you can hang 16 baskets from them.

Hanging Basket Rails

Every Rhino includes unique hanging basket rails. Normally you wouldn't want to subject a greenhouse roof to any extra load but we are so confident of the Rhino's strength we include this really useful feature as standard. They will save vast amounts of space on your staging. The rails themselves are very strong, being made from the same heavy duty "T" section that is shown above.

Rhino hanging basket rails Rhino hanging basket rails
Please note that the Rhino Harvest uses a different section for the eave and ridge braces and the hanging basket rails.

Integral base

Every greenhouse needs a base of some sort, whether it is brick, steel or aluminium they need a plinth to sit on and support the frame. The 4" tall aluminium base of the Rhino provides this structural support and ensures that the glass is protected from the soil and stones at ground level. The Rhino can be erected straight onto compacted soil with the heavy duty ground anchors concreted into position or onto a concrete pad or paved area.
heavy duty ground anchors
Rhino integral base Please note that different ground anchors are fitted to the Rhino Harvest.

Extra height

At 5'5" to the eaves a Rhino is taller than most greenhouses on the market. You won't be banging your head on the glass while potting up, and your tomatoes will have room for several more trusses. At 8'4" to the ridge a Rhino is by far the tallest in it's class ensuring your plants are well away from the hottest part of the greenhouse as well as providing enough height for the hanging basket rail.. The door entry height of 6'5" is taller than any we know of. This picture demonstrates the height of a Rhino, even Richard at 6'4" does not have to stoop to get through the doorway.

Rhino high doorway

Toughened glass

At 5'5" to the eaves a Rhino is taller than most greenhouses on the market. You won't be banging your head on the glass while potting up, and your tomatoes will have room for several more trusses. At 8'4" to the ridge a Rhino is by far the tallest in it's class ensuring your plants are well away from the hottest part of the greenhouse as well as providing enough height for the hanging basket rail.. The door entry height of 6'5" is taller than any we know of. This picture demonstrates the height of a Rhino, even Richard at 6'4" does not have to stoop to get through the doorway.

Just how strong is Rhino toughened glass?

Jim at 14 stone stands on a pane of Rhino glass to demonstrate it's strength. Not content with that we asked 4 of the factory staff to stand on a larger pane. Thats a third of a tonne!

From our experiments you can be fairly confident that someone falling against the glass or kicking a football at it, is unlikely to break it.

Jim standing on Rhino toughened glass
Rhino toughened glass supporting over 1/3 of a ton!

Flush doors

Every greenhouse needs a base of some sort, whether it is brick, steel or aluminium they need a plinth to sit on and support the frame.

The 4" tall aluminium base of the Rhino provides this structural support and ensures that the glass is protected from the soil and stones at ground level. Imagine not having to step over the base, instead being able to walk straight into the greenhouse or take a wheelchair or wheelbarrow through the 4ft wide doorway (8ft Rhino) without the need of a ramp. This is exactly what the Rhino Flush Door option offers.

The inspiration for this came from exhibiting the Rhino at the BBC Gardeners' World Live exhibition. During the show, the Rhino was much admired by wheelchair users but large ramps would have been required to enable access over the base plinth, which we felt was far from ideal.

Rhino raised plinth base The standard Rhino base combines all round the greenhouse, including the doorway.
Rhino on soil with paving slabs These Rhinos, shown right and above, are erected onto soil with the paving slab path providing perfect access with no obstructions.

With its strength & long list of safety options Rhinos are ideally suited for use in schools, care homes and hospitals etc, the flush door option being very useful in these situations to ensure ease of access. The benefits of the flush door have been recognised by many customers and it is now proving a very popular option.

Rhino with Flush door option erected onto paving slabs. This model features the optional (extra cost) stainless steel ramp. The ramp is not required where the Rhino is erected on to soil.

Rhino stainless steel ramp
Rhino - no step to trip over!
Rhino Greenhouses are wheelchair accessible
Wheelchair accessible This Rhino with optional flush door provides perfect wheelchair access.
Rhino greenhouse on paving slabs with stainless steel ramp


Section off the rear of your Rhino as a hot house. Because the Rhino, with it's sophisticated glazing system is almost totally draught free it only takes a small amount of heat to keep frost at bay and raise the temperature above that in the main part of the greenhouse.
The partition is particularly neat in the way that it fits within the main greenhouse. The glass is 4mm toughened like the rest of the greenhouse. Partition doors are 6'5" tall so there is no stooping which can be a problem with partitions with low doors.
Rhino 6ft wide
- partition not available.
Rhino Harvest
- partition not available.
Rhino 8ft wide
- partition has a 2ft wide door offset to right as in main photo.
Rhino 10ft wide
- partition has a 3ft wide door offset to right.
Rhino 12ft wide
- partition has two 2ft wide doors centrally positioned.
Rhino partitions

Extra doors

Rhinos can be supplied with doors at both ends. This may be particularly useful with longer models to improve access. We have also found that this option suits greenhouses used by several people at once - schools, care homes, prisons etc.

Rhino 8x12 with a second set of double doors pictured right

Rhino 8x12 with extra doors


The unique Rhino Growbed runs the length of the greenhouse creating a 4” deep framework which provides a very versatile growing area. You can make this growing area as wide as you wish thereby maximising the precious growing space in your greenhouse.

The Growbed can be filled with soil or compost and used to grow any shallow rooted crops in the warm and controlled environment of your greenhouse. Alternatively the growbed can be lined with plastic and shingle to create the perfect reservoir for growing tomotoes by the ring culture method or indeed just keeping pots well watered.

Not only is the Growbed very versatile but it is also the best way to keep your new Rhino neat and tidy.

Rhino Growbed


Greenhouses are very quick to overheat. Not only do they need lots of ventilation but some sort of shading is essential in order to protect precious plants. Even as early as March, young plants will need shading on sunny days.

There are ways of fixing shading fabric to the inside of greenhouses with clips but whilst this method provides shading the sun has already hit the glass and raised the temperature inside the greenhouse. Only an exterior blind can reduce heat build up as well as provide shade.

The GroBlind is a high quality exterior roller blind made from rust proof aluminium, with fabric designed especially for horticultural use.

This system not only stops the heat build up and shades tender plants but also:

  • is very simple to operate
  • is free of cords or pulleys
  • is robust and looks great too!
GroBlinds could not be simpler to operate. Just pull the central handle down with the pole and clip it to the greenhouse eave or bracket supplied. No cords or pulleys are involved at all! The blinds do not impede the operation of the roof or louvre vents, they simply expand or contract as the window opens and closes. The GroBlind is suprisingly good in windy conditions - the weight of the fabric, bottom bar and clip combine to hold the blind firmly in place.
Simply pull it down... Simply pull it down...
...and clip it over the eave. ...and clip it over the eave.
Rhino Blinds allow vents to open fully.
Rhino Blinds allow vents to open fully.
Rhino Groblinds Rhino Groblinds Rhino Groblinds


Q Will GroBlinds fit my greenhouse?

A Almost certainly. We are not aware of any incompatible greenhouses but will publish the details here, should any problems come to light.

Q How do GroBlinds fit to an aluminium greenhouse?

A GroBlinds are fitted to the ridge of aluminium greenhouses. The back of the blind simply clips firmly into "gazelle clips." In the case of Europa Manor Consort and Viscount models and Alton greenhouses, the gazelle clips are screwed into the ridge. In most other greenhouses the gazelle clips are fitted to aluminum brackets which are bolted to the ridge.

Q Will GroBlinds foul on the roof vent?

A GroBlinds are fitted above the line of the ridge, allowing the roof vents to open fully. The GroBlinds are spring loaded allowing the fabric to unwind as the vent opens and rewind as it closes.

Q How are GroBlinds held in place at the eaves?

A Most greenhouse eave sections allow the GroBlinds to hook into place. Where the eave section does not provide this anchor point we can supply a bracket to secure it.

Q Will GroBlinds be the right size for my greenhouse?

A Aluminium greenhouses use a standard 2ft wide pane of glass, GroBlinds are made to suit this. A wider version of the GroBlind is available for Alton cedar greenhouses and others which use the "dutch light" panes, approx 30" wide.

GroBlinds are supplied in one size to suit 5, 6 and 8ft wide free standing greenhouses and 4ft leant tos. GroBlinds can be supplied with longer fabric to suit 10 and 12ft models and 6 and 8ft wide lean tos (at a modest extra cost).

Q How are GroBlinds affected by the wind?

A GroBlinds are stable even in relatively windy conditions. The alumimium end to the blind keeps the lower edge stiff, holding the fabric firm. GroBlinds are spring loaded so any slack is automatically taken out of the fabric.

Q How do I gain access to the ridge of my greenhouse to fit the GroBlinds?

A In the case of aluminium greenhouses the roof vents slide in a channel along the ridge. By sliding the vent to the side, access can be gained to at least 3 roof bays. Access into the end roof bays is gained by placing a stepladder at the front or rear of the greenhouse. In the case of Alton greenhouses it may be easier to remove the glass retaining clip at the eave and slide a pane of glass out.


GroBlinds are designed to fit most greenhouses without drilling holes, Designs of greenhouse ridges and eaves vary. In some cases the slide on brackets retaining the GroBlind will be substituted for clips and hooks. These will fix to the ridge and eaves with self tapping screws (supplied in the kit). The GroBlind fabric absorbs 63% of the solar incident energy. GroBlinds can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 80°C. GroBlinds are made in Gt. Britain.


Richard says

“Try and see these at one of the summer shows - you really will be impressed!”

If you have any further questions, please contact us.